Dec 9, 2023

With over 20 years of combined experience in the retail aspects of the cart & kiosk industry, the founders of National Cart & Kiosk Brokers (NCKB) know what it takes to make a business successful.  Among the most important decision you can make as an entrepreneur is in not bogging yourself down with excessive start up costs before you've made your first sale.   

As self-proclaimed “frugal business people”, NCKB founders developed the concept of providing quality, pre-owned, carts, kiosks, and drive-thru buildings and equipment to new business owners at prices that just can't be offered when considering new units.

Co-Founder of NCKB, Kerby Sides has this to say, “Prospective business owners are a cautious bunch, and rightfully so.  We always get the questions, "Why are they selling the unit?”   But frankly, we aren't as concerned with the seller’s personal reasons, we are more concerned with the quality of the building and equipment and getting it to its next owner at a price that makes sense for everybody.  These business models are proven with countless success stories to lean on, and with as many reasons for exiting a business as for entering we let the industry speak for itself.”