Aug 19, 2022

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No Longer Available
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Price: $19,900.00
Size: 144 square feet

Great deal and priced to move!  Turn key, and only $19,900 for the building and ALL of the great equipment below:

  • 4 wand espresso machine
  • ice maker
  • fridge
  • grinder
  • snow cone machine
  • microwave
  • sinks
  • 50 gallon food safe water container with triple water filter
  • Debit/visa/MC machine,
  • electronic programmable cash register
  • heat and air conditioning ( all commercial grade )
  • whipping cream machine ( uses gas cartridges )
  • 2 drive thru windows
  • All Barista equipment including stainless steel spoons, shot glasses, pitchers, containers etc.

Approx size is 144 square feet.   All you need to open is power.   But maybe where you want to put it doesn't have access to power?  This unit is 100% self sustainable as you can hook up a generator for power (current generator offered with sale for an additional $300.00).  Current owner is also offering assistance with shipping arrangements.  They have a shipper right there local!  Only $19,900 for everything! 




Questions about shipping estimates or like additional details?  Call us Toll Free at 877-383-6252 or email and enter 105JG in the subject line.