Sep 22, 2023

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Price: $6,500.00
Size: 9' x 3'

This one piece cart comes with lots of nice equipment.   The espresso cart is 9'8" long x 4' high x 3' wide.  The cart is designed to hook up to plumbing but could be converted to be fully self-contained. For only $6,500 you get the following:

La Pavoni Bar T 2L Espresso Machine

(2) Espresso grinders with manuals
Bunn Coffee brewer with manual
(4) Bunn Coffee pots and warmers with manual
Stem and pin set – 3

Undercounter fridge
(2) pastry cases
Royal Cash register
Bunn iced-t dispenser
Danyb Portable ice maker
10 gallon grey water tank, 5 gallon clean water (it was hooked up to indoor plumbing but can be converted to stand alone)

 (2) 1/2 oz. pump stopper
(20) Syrup pumps
(2) Sauce pumps
(5) Timers
(3) Milk thermometers
(8) Coffee or ice scoops
(4) Espresso Shot glasses
(1) Straw dispenser

(2) Plastic sugar/cream rack
(2) Coffee carafe (used for milk)
(5 bags) smoothie style straws (individually wrapped)
(3) Large plastic pitchers
(5 boxes) stir sticks

(2) large plastic pitchers

(3) plastic sugar/creamer displays

(5) Steaming pitchers
(4) Display risers
(4) Small black wire baskets (use for display or storage)

1 each of, coffee pot slide replacement, MSDS log book, syrup rack, milk carafe, coffee carafe rack, hot cup sleeve dispenser, 2
0 oz. hot lids - about 4 sleeves (may have a few sleeves of other hot cups or lids to include).

The cart and equipment are now in storage but there are additional pictures available.

*The red canopy and four posts are no longer available.*

If you would like additional information, shipping estimates or other details you can call TOLL FREE 877-383-6252 or email . Be sure to reference unit 215RC when calling or emailing.