Oct 3, 2022

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Price: $12,000.00
Size: 8' x 2' x 8'

This beautiful,  8’ x 2’ x 8’ espresso cart was constructed by the well –known VanSan and is their model VS810. You can see the product information of the cart when it is new here: http://www.vansan.com/html/carts/vs610_810_specs.html

For only $12,000, a fraction of the price of a new cart, you get the following cart and equipment:

·         Attractive maple exterior finish/telescoping Green canopy & polished brass posts
·         Food & equipment enclosure (built-in & locking
·         Security cover
·         4 - 6" Casters, welded to frame, Thermoplastic Elastomer (2 swivel w/ brakes, 2 fixed & free heeling)
·         4 Tie downs, welded at corners, 2 winch tounges 1 on each end center of frame)
·         2 - 18" Counter extension wings (end)/16" Front flip-down platform on tombstone
·         3 -- Track light bullets with Halo compatible track/3 adjustable cup dispensers
·         Door and drawer locks (all same keyed)
·         Soap dispenser & paper towel dispenser

Plumbing Details:

·         Countertop stainless steel sink/hot & cold mixing faucet with pull-out spray, swivel
·         Water heater (2.5 gallons)
·         Beverage potable water tank (15 gallons)/Sink potable water tank (15 gallons)
·         Waste tank with clean out port & oversized drain valve (25 gallons)
·         Ice bin, counter top mounted & insulated with 1" air gap drain to a dedicated 3 gallon waste tank
·         2 - Water pumps (1 for sink & 1 for brewing equipment)
·         2 -- Quick disconnects (male)/1 -- Quick disconnect (female)
·         4 -- Overflow vents (1 for each tank & water heater)

You also get the following equipment package:

·         Espresso Machine - La Spaziele S3-EK 
·         Espresso coffee grinder - Rossi RR45
·         POS System
·         Mobile Support Unit - Water Tanks


This unit was purchased new in 2007, as well as the equipment being offered with the cart. It is currently in storage and the owners are ready to empty that storage unit! If you are interested in this unit’s location, additional pictures or shipping estimates you can call TOLL FREE 877-383-6252 or email sales@drivethrucoffeekiosk.com. Be sure to reference unit 230VS when calling or emailing.