Oct 3, 2022

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Price: $6,250.00
Size: 82" W, 83" H, 29" D

 Like new food cart, that can be used for any type of food or beverage. In great condition and used for no more than 4 months, always warehoused when not in use and is 2 years old. Comes with flaps and artwork as seen in the picture.  For only $6,250 you get:


·         2 storage cabinets,1 with 4 outlets and with 2 outlets and switch
·         3 cubic foot top loading freezer
·         3 cubic foot mini fridge
·         Napkin and utensil holders, sneeze guard and shelf
·         3 x 2 feet of usable counter space
·         Estimated power consumption is 750 watts
·         On wheels for ease of movement
·         Triple Sink
·         Dimensions, 82" W, 83" H, 29" D, weighing 1500 lbs
Cart comes with skid worth close to $1000.  A requirement for a shipping company!
Sink area comes with: brand new extra long faucet(with flexi tip), 4 foot long sprayer.

       The water pump is the same pump used for homes- water pressure is not a problem.

       Hot water tank is extremly efficient, which is a must for Health department inspections.


If you are interested in this unit location for shipping or additional details, please email sales@drivethrucoffeekiosk.com or call TOLL FREE 877-383-6252 and reference unit number 138KD.